NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT New clients receive a 12-month discounted rate of 18%.
Gail Bernier, Sr. Technology Recruiter

You guys are the best out there…that’s the honest truth! We’ve been working with Tonka Source for over a year and highly recommend their services for finding top technical talent! What sets them apart from other agencies, is the owners both have backgrounds in software development. They understand the big picture – both technical hard…
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Our Services


Eliminate unqualified resumes and applications.

A-players virtually never look for their next role and they don’t care what you’re looking for.

We find the people you want to leave their current job and come work for you. We get them on the phone, learn about them and show it’s in their own interest to have a conversation with you.

Activity and Market Analysis Report

No more wondering “Is anyone even working on this job req of mine?”

You will know how many people we’ve reached out to about your role, who we’ve spoken to, what they said, what they currently make for a salary, and what they want to make in their next role. You’ll know why we’re presenting them to you or why we aren't

Offer Presentation

When it’s time to RECRUIT a purple unicorn, don’t be a one note Johnny.

We partner with our clients to present the offer to RECRUIT the candidates you want.

You want to present your offer via email - fine

You want to present the offer over dinner or on a boat ride, we’ll help make that happen

Counteroffer Prep

Do candidates accept your offer, only to rescind it later, when their current boss makes a counter offer?

Our candidates get counter offers from their current employer over 90% of the time. We prepare our candidates for that conversation and how to handle it with pose and confidence so that they show up on day 1 of their new position at your company.

100% Contingent No financial obligation to view or or even interview our candidates.

Our founders are both software developers with over 25 years of experience each!

Mike Emo:
Joe Harstad:

NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT New clients receive a 12-month discounted rate of 18%.