Account Manager | Salesperson

Hello [first-name],

Thanks for checking out this job description. We don’t normally show a custom message like this in our JDs, but we wanted to demonstrate our custom software to you [first-name] 🙂

What’s in it for you!

  • Strike the proper work-life balance

  • Be compensated well to support your personal lifestyle

  • Be a part of an organization on the grow

Tonka Source

Mike Emo and Joe Harstad have both been developers for over 25 years.    After many years as full time employees, Mike and Joe became independent contractors in the Twin Cities (Mike in 2012 and Joe in 2016).

In 2017 they joined forces and founded Tonka Source.   In 2020, Mike committed himself to transitioning from a software engineer to a full time recruiter.


Both Mike and Joe have developed custom software to make recruiting much more efficient.   Now they want to hire their 1st Account Manager | Salesperson.

The Role

You’ll be working directly with the founders for Tonka Source.  In a nutshell, help us acquire more clients and opportunities!