These are testimonials from our members.

Over all the recruiters that I’ve met, Tonka Source excelled at giving preparatory interview advice. They dedicated their time to clearly explaining the job opportunity, the history of the organization, and how to proceed with confidence during the hiring process.    Other agencies that I worked with followed scripts for screening high numbers of candidates but failed at cultivating interest and providing an adequate description of the position. I recommend Tonka Source to anyone looking for a career advisor that respects talent and interests while helping clients achieve life’s most critical goals.

Ross Baldwin – Software Engineer

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tonka Source for my job search and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. From start to finish, Tonka Source was there to assist me with every step of the process. They provided a comprehensive overview of the new opportunity and answered any questions I had about the company and its culture.

The team at Tonka Source went above and beyond to explain the technology and programming languages used at the new company. Their detailed knowledge and examples really helped me understand the role and what I would be responsible for. Additionally, they had established strong connections with the leadership and provided insightful information about the products and services offered, which gave me a clear understanding of what to expect.
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Edwin Carlson – Software Engineer