Candidate ID: KJADPMN

Tonka Source Interview Notes

Our candidate, had been a Software Engineer, Lead, and an Architect for many years before transitioning into management.  He has been and continues to be a great mentor to younger developers as well as a sounding board for senior developers in regard to design and implementation.   He is very good as assessing talent and building high performing teams.


Software Development Manager – leading cross functional development teams through client engagements. Responsible for career development and mentoring all direct reports. An extensive background in application development; key technical skills: .Net/.Net Core, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Angular 6+, Swift. Experience with waterfall, agile, SAFe 4.0 methodologies.


Custom Applications Manager: 2021 – 2023

  • Managed Developers (mentor, direct, solution with, conduct performance reviews)
  • Develop Executive Summaries and Client Financial Analysis
  • Solution with development team in VUE | .NET | SQL | Azure

Consulting Manager: 2019 – 2021

  • Manage 20 – 35 direct reports over 3 year period
  • Focus on client engagement and resource management
  • Develop and Implement engagement plans for clients
  • Provide direction to project leads
  • Provide internal profitability analysis and prepared client and corporate status reports

Software Engineering Experience

Titles Held

  • Lead Consultant
  • Lead Web Developer
  • Senior Consultant
  • Senior Web Developer

Technologies:  .NET (ASP, Razor, MVC, WebAPI) | .NET  Core | Node | AngularJS | Angular | | VUE | Swift | Azure