Entry Level Developer/Tester

I want to learn more about Speedster

Speedster was presented to Tonka Source as one of the top graduating students in their class. As an entry level candidate, Speedster excelled on our coding challenge** and our in-person interview***.


  • Angular 1.X
  • Angular 2+
  • Python
  • C#
  • Selenium

Other things we like:

  • There’s a “lab” to tinker with technology in the basement
  • Communicates with thought and conviction
  • Self-starter and learner
  • Doesn’t waiver when faced with confrontation
  • Eager to be taught and trained

**Tonka Source’s coding challenges are designed to identify a candidates basic programming knowledge, their concepts of design principles, and assess their aptitude and interest in development. We grade the candidate against a set of questions that we’ve designed to qualify top talent.  The challenge presented to Speedster exposed the following subjects not yet taught:

  • Git: Pull Requests, Forking
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • MSTest
  • .Net Extension Methods

***Tonka Source’s in-person interview targets the culture fit of our candidate. We assess their communication skills, problem solving abilities, temperament, and humor. We believe there are numerous developer personas.  Speedster has the persona we look for in entry level candidates where they love technology, are passionate about coding and they strive to solve problems.

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